• Kindly Note Before You Register Someone ,

Ensure you apply the code

Fill in the details

Then checkout with paystack


Fill In The Details Then Check-out With Paystack If The Person Is Paying With Card

2. Also Note That The Way This Site Is Programmed Is Different

Whenever you request for withdrawal , only input your total Earnings and leave the rest for Admin to do.

3. Don’t just post your referral link anywhere , have a Target and follow your Referrals up to the point of payment , that way your Earnings won’t just accumulate.

Why is the Earnings accumulated?? Because most people who used your link only checkout but didn’t make payment. The site is Programmed such a way that once someone checkout on Registration with your link ,you are credited automatically.

4. Leave The Sign Up Alone
Just Fill Your Total Earnings And No Of Referrals On Your Earning History And Wait For Your Alert , the admin also has his own record , so you get your pay fully.